Our Team


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Chief Executive Officer—Duff O’Donnell
Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer—Sean Sullivan
President & Chief Strategy Officer—Shawn Morgan
Chief Financial Officer—Al Arida
Human Resources Manager—Bobbi Dougher
Marketing Manager—Erika Lance
Director of Transportation—Jason Yager
Food Safety Administrator—David Byers
Director of Purchasing—Tim Weisend
Senior Specialty Food Buyer—Tom Barry
Specialty Food Buyer—Adam Sarkissian
Seafood Manager/Buyer—Kyle Graser
Meat & Poultry Category Manager—Michael LaMarca
Sales Representative—Dan Baxter
Sales Representative—Sara Brown
Sales Representative—Tom Kramarz
Sales Representative—Mario Romero
Key Account Manager—Greg Schuman
Key Account Manager—Juan Trevino
Vice President of Central Sales—Emily Trickey
Sales Representative—Jacob Kellstadt


1-800-899-5616 | 703-430-5616

Regional Director of Sales—Perry Soulos
Sales Representative—Nick Sweeney
Sales Representative—Tom Andrew



Vice President of Operations—Mark Gorogianis
Operations Manager—Jon Socha
Vice President of Sales—Terry Comer
Sales Representative—Lisa Abendroth
Sales Representative—Amber Consolino
Sales Representative—Katlyn Ramey

Euro Fine Wines

1-800-999-5939 | 216-714-0500

Director of Wine Sales—Kiran Grewal
Sales Manager—Gabe Michel
Sales Representative—Devin Baumgart
Sales Representative—Tim Bockhold
Sales Representative—Ray Busher
Sales Representative—Michael Lawyer
Sales Representative—Patrick McNamara
Sales Representative—Monica Cavero