Black Tiger Shrimp

A Black Tiger Shrimp
A bowl of black tiger shrimp
A Black Tiger Shrimp
A bowl of black tiger shrimp

Farmed black tiger shrimp have a mild, almost bland flavor compared to the pronounced taste of ocean-harvested Gulf shrimp. Cooked tiger’s meat is also softer than that of other shrimp species. Tigers have gray to black stripes on gray or bluish shells and associated stripes on the peeled meat. The cooked shell turns bright red. The white flesh is tinged with orange if cooked peeled and red if cooked in the shell. Meat should be slightly resilient and moist. Large tiger shrimp tails are excellent hors d’oeuvres in classic shrimp cocktails or grilled on skewers. They’re good with pasta or in casseroles, since they can withstand tossing with other ingredients.

Product Details

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Cooking Methods
Boil, Broil, Grill, Sauté, Steam
January - December
Scientific Name
Penaeus monodon
Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam