Flapjack Point Oysters

An open Flapjack Pointoyster
An open Flapjack Pointoyster

Flapjack Point oysters are an intertidally grown oyster from Eld Inlet, which is in southern Puget Sound, Washington. They are introduced to the gravelly beach at Flapjack Point in large mesh grow out bags that are placed directly on the bottom. After about six months they are transferred out of the bags and onto the beach and they finish their grow-out there as beach cultured oysters. They are produced by a small family farm and their efforts have produced beautifully round, deep cupped oysters with well-formed hinges. Size: 3”.

Product Details

Pack Size
Cooking Methods
Bake, Fry, Grill, Raw, Sauté, Smoke, Steam
Mildly salty, with plump and sweet meats and a melon finish.
August - May
Scientific Name
Crassostrea gigas
Puget Sound, WA (United States)