Shigoku Oysters

An open Shigoku oyster
An open Shigoku oyster

Shigokus are Pacific oysters grown in bags that are attached to floats that go up and down in the tides, tumbling the oysters. Every time the oysters get agitated, they use their muscles to close their shells. The result is an oyster with wonderfully firm flesh and a deep cup. Shigoku means “ultimate” in Japanese, and these unique oysters fit the bill. Size: 2.5”.

Product Details

Pack Size
Cooking Methods
Bake, Fry, Grill, Raw, Sauté, Smoke, Steam
Smooth brine, plump and springy meats with a pleasant cucumber finish.
August - May
Scientific Name
Crassostrea gigas
Samish Bay, WA (United States)